My One Christmas Wish

Dear Santa, I know I haven’t been the best person in the world, but I haven’t been the worst. I feel that I’m nice enough to be on the nice list rather than the naughty list. So my one wish for this Christmas is for you to help my Mom-Mom get healthy, give her the strength to overcome her cancer, as well as in return giving my family a time for celebration rather than a time of worry and despair. All I ask is this, which will help the ones I love to stay strong and healthy. I’d rather my Christmas wish be granted on her than on myself, one act of selflessness to help the one person I can’t see to leave this Earth just yet. This I ask and pray for and hoping you’re able to make it come true. Love always, Justin Montagna ♥

(Source: deathbycentaurs)

  • 12.16.11